Our Story

At Ho Yuen, our mission is to extend the warmth of Hong Kong’s family-style delicacies from our family to yours. With over 50 years of being family-owned and operated, we take pride in crafting culinary experiences using the freshest ingredients and time-honoured recipes, all delivered with a dedication to exceptional service.

Our iconic Ho Yuen logo mirrors the silhouette of Hong Kong’s revered Lion Rock, symbolizing the city’s spirit of hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Through our food and service, we aspire to share this indomitable spirit with each of our guests.

Originally starting out as a humble food stall at the base of Lion Rock in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Ho Yuen has evolved into a well-established family-style restaurant with a presence both in Hong Kong and now in Canada.


About Ho Yuen Cafe

After an absence of more than three decades, the Ho Yuen brand is proudly reintroducing itself in Canada with the forthcoming Ho Yuen Cafe. Operated by a second-generation owner who embodies the Lion Rock spirit, the new Ho Yuen Cafe is nestled in a warm enclave of Vancouver’s Westside and features an in-house artisanal bakery and full menu offering a diverse range of traditional Hong Kong flavours-  from pastries to breakfast, lunch, and beyond. By blending Eastern and Western culinary influences, the cafe aims to create a unique space for high-quality Hong Kong cuisine, marking a new chapter in Ho Yuen’s overseas expansion. Join us at Ho Yuen Cafe in Vancouver, where we invite you to savour the essence of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage in an atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Lion Rock.

Our History


Ho Yuen began in early 1960s as a humble food stall—House of Ho Yuen Noodle Cuisine—at the foot of Lion Rock in Kowloon, serving homemade egg noodles with hand-wrapped fresh shrimp wonton, beef brisket, and pork knuckle.


In 2014, the Ho Yuen brand was re-launched by the second-generation Mui family. The brand has since expanded and branched out into Ho Yuen Express and Ho Yuen Catering, serving our well-loved signature dishes, as well as new favourites such as Hong Kong-style snacks, for a growing number of customers.


In 2016, the Hong Kong Tourism Board awarded Ho Yuen Express with the prestigious honour of kickstarting the city’s first-ever Food Truck Pilot Scheme. Ho Yuen Express stood out from the sea of applicants because of our creative, fresh, and high-quality local cuisine, as well as the Hong Kong spirit that we represent. Through locating at many of Hong Kong’s hot spots including Disneyland, Ocean Park, Central Harbourfront, and talk-of-the-town special events, Ho Yuen Express was able to share its signature dishes with a diverse group of local Hong Kong food lovers and tourists, as well as achieve widespread media coverage.


In 2018, Ho Yuen Catering was launched, enabling customers to enjoy our delicious noodle and rice dishes, Hong Kong-style snacks, and many of our other homemade delicacies in the comfort of their own homes, and also share family style local cuisine at special events or parties. Ho Yuen Catering now delivers the taste of our flagship restaurant to every corner of Hong Kong.


Ho Yuen is celebrating our 8th anniversary in 2021! This summer, we are unveiling the newly redesigned interior of our restaurant, and continuing to serve delicious Hong Kong homecooked dishes to our dear customers in a bright and sparkling new space that is also familiar and comfortable. As we move beyond the pandemic, we are even more committed to serving the highest quality, mouthwatering dishes with innovative flavors in a well-ventilated and clean environment. Come and experience the Lion Rock spirit that makes this place so special!


For more than 30 years, local favourite bakery Ho Yuen Bakery has served customers who love bread and other baked goodies, from its location at the Diamond Hill Lung Poon Court Commercial Centre, near Hong Kong’s most iconic Lion Rock. Ho Yuen’s fluffy, buttery, sweet and savory homemade bread, as well as its signature egg tart with cookie crust, are baked fresh daily. In May 2022, Ho Yuen Bakery reopened with a newly renovated look, providing even more high-quality bread and delicious Hong Kong-style snacks, melding old classics and modern creations all in one place.


This year marks a significant milestone for Ho Yuen, with its first location in Vancouver. This Canadian expansion presents an opportunity for Ho Yuen to showcase its signature dishes and introduce the essence of Hong Kong’s culinary culture to a new audience. Amidst an inviting ambiance and dedication to serving high-quality, flavourful dishes, Ho Yuen Cafe looks forward to becoming a cherished part of the city’s diverse food landscape, inviting guests to experience the taste of authentic Hong Kong cuisine with a touch of Lion Rock spirit.
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