Customer favourites at Ho Yuen include our homemade noodles, hand-wrapped fresh shrimp wontons, and beef brisket and pork knuckle, cooked with our special homemade recipes. Other popular dishes include our steamed minced meat patty dishes, cooked with market-fresh pork every day; the melt-in-your-mouth diced beef tenderloin in black pepper sauce with crispy potatoes; pan-fried oyster cake omelet; satay beef instant noodles; spicy chicken hot pot, and sizzling curry dishes.
Ho Yuen also serves delicious Hong Kong-style snacks, including the popular crispy and juicy signature single-boned chicken wings, which come in several flavours, the most popular being the original flavour and the salted egg flavour. The super curry squid made with our homemade curry sauce is tender and bursting with flavours, and the lemon iced tea bb infused with fresh lemon zest are must-try menu items.
Customers also love our fresh-baked pineapple buns, deep-fried pork shop buns, and pork cartilage with macaroni in fresh tomato soup, all of which are classic local dishes.

Overseen by the owners and experienced chefs, Ho Yuen serves fresh and high-quality local cuisine. Some of our well-loved traditional recipes have stood the test of time. We insist on using the freshest ingredients best homemade recipes, while constantly innovating with creative and exciting new dishes for our customers to enjoy.

For more than 30 years, local favourite bakery Ho Yuen Bakery has served customers who love bread and other baked goodies, from its location at the Diamond Hill Dragon Arcade near Hong Kong’s most iconic Lion Rock. In May 2022, Ho Yuen Bakery reopened with a newly renovated look, providing even more high-quality bread and delicious Hong Kong-style snacks, melding old classics and modern creations all in one place.

Ho Yuen Bakery

  • Premium Japanese flour is used in all baked goods
  • Baking recipes are created by Five-Star hotel chefs
  • Wide selection of traditional Hong Kong-style bread and baked goods: Crusty pineapple bun, egg tart with cookie
    crust, raisin scone, and crispy mochi bread
  • Modern baked creations: Cheesy pizza bread, puffy Danish croissant, savory crabstick toast, and other crispy and tasty baked treats
  • Fresh-made and cooked to order: Crispy and juicy pork chop bun and satay beef bun
    Crispy, puffy, golden Hong Kong-style egg waffle (multiple flavour selections include Oreo, cheddar cheese, and Taiwanese seaweed and meat floss)
  • Classic Hong Kong-style snacks: Crispy and juicy signature single-boned chicken wings, tender super curry squid, and savoury Nissin ramen noodles stirred with special scallion and sesame oil sauce
  • Signature drinks: Lemon iced tea bb infused with fresh lemon zest, Milo Dinosaur chocolate malt milkshake
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